Intervention services

Managers assistance

Whilst Oars Across the Waters provides a highly regarded general EAP service, our particular expertise is in the area of management support, when management initiated referrals are requested by the employer. In these circumstances our strong reputation for independence and integrity is an essential ingredient to the success of our intervention services. Additionally Oars Across the Waters offers a management hotline that can be utilised for difficult management matters. Oars Across the Waters is regularly used for this service across the WA State Government, even if we’re not the organisation’s appointed EAP provider.

Many Employee Assistance providers have a management hotline, but only Oars Across the Waters has the dedicated easy access domain of and which was quietly launched in 2015 as part of the company’s 10 year celebrations.


Mental health awareness and management

Assisting managers and work colleagues to facilitate suggested referrals; this service can be either or both of awareness programs such as adaptations of Mental Health First Aid, peer support programs, or individualised referral support for a manager who is trying to refer a distressed employee. Through Managers Assistance we can offer pre-arranged availability of a counsellor. The manager or colleague can call at the appointed time, having previously rehearsed with our counsellor, a guided introduction to our services. Then with the employee’s permission, the manager or colleague can pass the phone to a distressed employee to talk with the counsellor. This facilitated first step in seeking assistance has enabled many of our successful early intervention strategies. This service is most often used when the employer representative is concerned that an employee is affected by depression and associated feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. These feelings may otherwise mean a vulnerable employee would not access services, but rather continue to show signs of distress, anger, lack of focus, memory issues or other symptoms troubling to themselves and work colleagues.


Bullying and perceptions of bullying, prevention and resolution

In supporting staff and managers Oars Across the Waters has particularly strong expertise and proven methodology in bullying prevention and resolution; or perception of bullying resolution; grievance or peer/employee support officer training and mentoring; plus the ability to provide specialised services to complement these strategies; that is, when expert support services are required to be external to the organisation to achieve successful resolution. Dorothy’s expertise has been recognised in this area by HR Monthly in the publishing of an opinion piece, where resolution strategies that do not have to include one employee leaving are outlined: