Change and redundancy support

Support for managers and staff dealing with difficult notifications and career disruption.

For staff Oars Across the waters offers:

Our office is warm and welcoming, where affected employees can receive understanding and guidance to refocus their careers; with capacity for them to bring their own laptops and access our resources, armchairs, kitchen and nearby rose garden for quiet reflection. Affected staff can gain:

  • Understanding of individual skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • How to write effective resumes and application letters
  • How to respond to selection criteria
  • How to respond to the wide variety of application processes
  • Practical job search tools and strategies
  • Alternative and innovative strategies for tight labour markets
  • Interview techniques
  • Tips on updating their online presence

For managers and others giving notice of redundancy Oars Across the waters offers support and guidance for difficult conversations and post conversation strategies.