About us

The Company Director Dee (Dorothy) holds a BA Grad Dip Ed, titles of MASRC, MIPAA, CAHRI and is a representative of EAPAA (the Employee Professionals Association of Australasia) has provided management and specialist human resource consulting and counselling services, particularly mental health services, to both the private and public sectors, including the largest employer in the state, the WA State Government, since 1998.

Since setting up Oars Across the Waters in 2005, Dorothy’s and her team’s advice and services have been sought by CEOs, directors general, executive teams, boards, managers and staff. Company services are specifically designed for federal and state and local government and  other publicly funded organisations. The company has held successive Common Use Contracts for human resource consulting in the areas of human resource strategy and packaged training provision.

Dorothy’s early training as a rehabilitation counsellor, taking a case management approach, has formed the basis for successful management of the intervention services on which Oars Across the Waters has built its reputation.

The Oars Across the Waters team is located at various central and metropolitan service delivery sites including: Perth, West Leederville, West Perth, Carine, Fremantle, and Rockingham.

Since incorporation Oars Across the Waters Pty Ltd has been providing our corporate clients with access to a select group of highly experienced consultant counsellors who provide management and public administration advice and support, counselling, and related development and mental health services. The company’s group of employees and associates includes clinical and forensic psychologists working in organisational settings, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and counsellors. Oars Across the Waters ethos is to: provide services to enable the superior achievement of your strategic and operational intent and when necessary provide confidential oars across troubled waters.

Oars Across the Waters staff and contractors all hold at least a four year degree in their chosen field of expertise, with many having progressed to Masters level. Oars Across the Waters draws this rich body of knowledge together, to provide a wide portfolio of experience and problem resolution/training strategies.

Counsellors represent diversity in age, cultural background and gender; are members of professional associations and have professional registrations and professional development points with which to comply. The company’s senior associates are typically leaders in their fields of specialisation. All possess significant experience in counselling where there is a dual client relationship, as in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), with both an individual and organisational client.

Oars Across the Waters has a mix of full time and part time personnel who have the capacity to increase availability in times of increased demand for services.

Counsellors have ongoing externally supervised accreditation standards and professional development points. Many of our psychologists also maintain Medicare registration and meet all auditing requirements. Additionally Oars Across the Waters counsellors are highly self directed in pursuing their own active policy of professional development.

Further explanation of Dorothy’s qualifications:

MASRC Member of the Australian Rehabilitation Counsellors Association of Australia, for over 15 years, the peak professional body in Australia for Rehabilitation Counsellors. Dorothy meets the PD points for continued membership and is accredited to supervise counsellors to accreditation: http://www.asorc.org.au/

MIPAA an active member of the Institute of Public Administration Australia and previously a mentor to the Young IPAA Professionals Executive: http://www.ipaa.org.au/

CAHRI Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resources Institute: This membership is reserved for established HR professionals, who have a career in HR and a proven track record in HR management. Minimum requirements: Eight or more years of HR workplace experience, including at least two years in strategic HR management or leadership positions: https://www.ahri.com.au/become-a-member/which-membership-type-is-right-for-me/professional-membership

Representative of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Australasia, EAPAA, (Peak Body): and in previous years has been jointly  responsible for the operation of the Association in Australasia and the Association’s professional development activities such as the annual conference which in 2016 was the 25th EAPAA National Conference: EAP Impacts, Challenges & Solutions in August of this year is advertised as:

Covering crucial topics such as; EAP service delivery models; EAP Tender processes; Managing Complaints; Updates on Trauma and Critical Incident Management; Time-effective EAPs; Managing Complex Cases; Maintaining Customer Relations: Responding to Subpoenas; Analytics and H.R; Psychosocial Factors at Work and much more.The conference will provide an opportunity for you to benchmark your company’s performance against your peer group and to provide time to network with them to share your ideas and concerns about current and future challenges.

A leading private sector provider in the managing and delivering of mandatory Accountable and Ethical Decision Making (Integrity) Training to the WA State Government before, after and during common use contracts for this service, since 2008; able to deliver due to the high perception of integrity in the company.

Dorothy’s ethos: Past EAPAA President John McManus research published in Journal or Workplace Behavioural Health 30:32-45, 2015 indicates that: The results concluded that EAPs do indeed attend to a wide range of psychological issues and organizations greatly benefit from the existence of EAPs. Furthermore the study revealed a close connection between EAPs and Human Resources Management is shown to be beneficial in terms of broader organizational issues. This close connection and working relationship is Dorothy’s guiding ethos and is regularly attested to by company referees.