Being more than OK

The World Health Organisation defines ‘health’ as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Oars Across the Waters are specialist mental health and wellbeing practitioners. We’re here to help you, your staff and your peers.

Being well and helping others

2023: being well: new ways of living and supporting each other

  • Being well ourselves means we’re not always ‘buoyant’, but that we have the well being tools to be physically, mentally and emotionally well most of the time and resilience to get us through tough times
  • It also usually means we have empathy for those who are not well at the moment, who maybe a bit ‘stuck’, and to know that assisting starts with listening and not jumping to provide solutions that might suit us, but may not suit the person who needs help
  • If you want to help someone by listening well but need help to do that, we’re here to help; to help you and the person you’re listening too.

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Company purpose

We provide our corporate clients with specialised management, mental health and human resource services, to enable superior achievement of your strategic and operational intent; and when necessary we provide confidential oars across troubled waters.

Oars Across the Waters is your support in troubled waters; whether you’re an individual or an organisation, operational staff, senior management or a board member, we have skilled professionals to assist you in troubled waters or in the development or achievement of your goals.